This is the first update when I have sat down and thought “where do I start?” There has been so much going on with the development this month that it is hard to fit it all in a post here. Through the month we have steadily moved from working on our architectural changes, through to preparing for our first public test. The risks and gambles we took last year, are now beginning to pay serious dividends for us.

I’ll be covering the following in this update:

  • Lighting and material improvements
  • Volumetric Cloud system
  • New Server Architecture
  • Clothing/Inventory status
  • Closed Test Status
  • Art/World updates
  • Customizing your character
  • Customizing your weapon

Lighting and material improvements

One of our Lead Artists, Mario Kurty, has been working with some of the ArmA3 artists to ensure that DayZ Standalone has the best visuals possible. The result is pretty striking when combined with some of the other improvements we have made in the engine. These improvements make the world really come to life, improving the visuals overall. A comparison screenshot is included and demonstrates the effect of this.

Volumetric Cloud system

This has now been fully configured for use within DayZ, used to great effect in Bohemia’s previous product Take on Helicopters (and coming in ArmA3 also). There are several pictures of this included in the screenshots for this blog update. Running around the world taking pictures, it was hard to resist really. It adds a real sense of realism when compared with the previous result.

New Server Architecture

Our lead programmer, Ondřej Španěl, continues his work on redeveloping our server architecture. Contrary to some who say DayZ will be releasing with no anti-hack mechanisms, one of the key things we are doing with development is entirely redeveloping how the engine works. I can’t stress enough just how fundamental this change is. DayZ’s game servers will function like servers in other MMO style games, that is the server will control the behavior and the sending of updates. No longer will your machine receive all the updates allowing their analysis by various cheats.

We are exploring spawning all zombies and loot at the start of server initialization, again a huge departure from the previous mechanism. This solves many design and technical issues with the spawning and respawning of equipment, such as being able to metagame by telling whether players are in a village by seeing zombie’s have spawned.

Clothing/Inventory status

This has now been completed to a basic level, you can put on and drop various items of clothing. These items can have diseases on them, and they have durability and other attributes. We need to make some models that represent the clothes when they are on the ground (currently they look as they are when on the ground!) Once this is done, we will be releasing some video outlining what it looks like to change your clothes.

Closed Test Status

We have begun our internal closed testing (yes!) and have been working with Valve to ensure our new server browser system is working (we utilize Steam for this purpose rather than Gamespy as for ArmA2). The Server/Client architecture needs to be fully implemented before we will begin our public testing.

We have not initiated our closed test that includes external people yet (such as streamers).

Art/World updates

A huge quantity of changes are flowing into the world. New areas, a mass of new objects (such as wrecked vehicles, buses, etc…) that are all designed with DayZ in mind - such as having good areas for loot to spawn. It is really impossible to list all the changes here, from bug fixing to redesigning of buildings such as the general store, and onto entirely new buildings and areas. One of our texture artists has been going through existing work and making them look more damaged and used.

Customizing your Character

The design has now really ramped up. This is really the entire focus of our efforts for the next few months, prior to starting on vehicle customization and finally on base building at the end of the year. The obvious starting point for us is to allow players to select the gender and race of their character. Beyond this, allowing ways for your character to become your own are key for us; from getting tattoo’s to finding unique clothing items, trying to deal with your own health aliments, etc…

This is an area of very active development, we’re exploring all sorts of ways to make your character change in the world as you play. When you first create your character, the options will be simple. As you go along in the world, your character will change as a result of their interactions with the environment and the decisions you make, through items such as clothing choices.

Social aspects are extremely important to us, and we’ve taken a number of idea’s and participated in the discussions on reddit and the forums about what we can do in this area. Expect more on these area’s in the next tumblr update. We want to support the organic development and operation of groups within the game, through the development of their own symbology in game (tattoo’s, markings on the world, on weapons, etc…). We feel that these redeveloped social experiences told through the game will be a compelling part of the standalone.

Customizing your weapon

Weapon attachments are a great bi-product of our entire redesign of every aspect of the inventory system. Nothing is available to show on this yet, currently the only attachment we have fully configured in the game is the magazine. You must load the magazine with ammunition and then it is considered an attachment to the weapon. The quantity and condition of your magazines will be particularly important in the standalone. Look after them!

When is it releasing?

We don’t know. We’re going to take our time. I feel fantastic about the situation, more than ever I feel like we’re doing something really interesting with this development. Now is not the time to rush things, but we do need to ensure our pace is kept up. Our development blog and getting players in and testing as soon as possible will be key in ensuring we succeed in making this a great game.

Concluding words

At no point in development, have I been as excited as I am right now. The risks we took with the direction have paid off. The engine and approach of the game is now entirely DayZ’s own, it is striking out into it’s own territory as a project. This is very exciting for all the team.

I do need to caution though, it is a bad idea to overhype the project. We know that there are many challenges that we will face from deciding to effectively write a new engine tailored to DayZ. But we are now entirely confident, that this decision will prove to have been the best decision we could make. Now we will be able to make the game that we’ve all always wanted.

Top Fashion Ways To Help You Stay In Design

Top Fashion Ways To Help You Stay In Design 

It might be challenging now and then to make utilization of everything your existing wardrobe. You presumably recently realize that joining and arranging your wardrobe. There is some important design consultation incorporated in the compose up under that will help you. 

Include a cinch for the little shade or maybe a characteristic piece. You will run across them in numerous sorts and wonderfulness. 

Use your outline cash the essentials. Get articles of clothing that show up extraordinary and won’t ever be far from configuration. You can utilize a modern dark hued pen skirt with shirts and still be furious. 

Broadened locks could be an occupied times. The point when there’s no time to wreck with the locks, spot your hair up inside a bun! 

Categorical dress donates some sexual action fascination, however bear in mind about unobtrusiveness. One thing additionally outright can cause you show up tawdry. 

Lighter washes and shining colors are far better to get a commonplace show up. 

Don’t press on to keep various cosmetics inside your nonessential voyaging bag.just have several shades that match up a standout amongst the most. Consider what you require for the complete working day. Cosmetics neglects to last for all time when it is truly launched.viruses might even improve into it when you tried it a few months or in the past and kept it sitting. 

More often than not don’t look for consummation in the matter of style. In the event that you concentrate on shine, you look might potentially appear to be looking for excessively hard.several of the runways which incorporate a simple “desert” in addition to a generally up to date outfit. 

A great deal of individuals believe that design is simply noticing the garments. Their business not know is that your haircut can wreck your outfit would it be a good idea for you to not make it looking otherworldly. 

Every outfit necessities a firm establishment. A bra that is surely established effectively furnishes your framework outline presence its finest. You seek any under pieces of clothing that you essentially choose to put onto furnish help your physique and furnish a streamlined figure. There are more than enough garments transformed so as to get slimmer the figure and will blanket probelms districts to aid you show up your most excellent. 

Press on to be smart when you are interesting feeling. Have got a bit cot head, don’t switch your shirt fully, or pick boots that don’t truly run with. 

Another shirt might have some detached lines which could be over the shoulders and vents. These strings ordinarily don’t presence appear only a little careless.just cut them with scissors. This basic move that could enhance your style. 

You may get a kick out of the chance to utilize somebody who is a style expert when you shop frequently. You in all likelihood don’t have enough time to stay aware of capacity and likewise the youngsters that verifying whether turtlenecks happen to be in or out in the not so distant future is only not at the highest point of your record of prevailing concerns. 

Interestingly, patters are beginning to be perceived a developing number of inside the style stadium of postponed, particularly extravagant examples. Simply be sure that in the event that you put on designed articles of clothing that you likewise embellish with styles, select footwear or other additional items with small propensities or run with strong tones. 

One specific great design tip is attempting on a thing that you would presumably typically in no way, shape or form put on. This can help you to a totally new appear. It is an extraordinary route for incorporating arrangement to your style dress accumulation. 

Simply make sure that you could threat staining your picked outfits. 

Hang out with a master colour guide to study the colours that slimmer you. Colour of your skin, vision shade, for instance seeking thinner. 

Sound shades can serve to obtain eyes from your weight. Dim shades drives you to initially shed pounds. Provided that you are little, wear light-weight colors to highlight your figure. 

Know your entire form and what style is of service for you. Could be your physique shape rectangle-molded, pear, hourglass or straight all over? Your shape will generously influence your attire options. 

Pattern alterations quick, however considering concerning the latest crazes can help you. Productions and web based websites are an exceptional route to acquire truths for patterns. You have the ability to pick whichever fits your exceptional form and flavor. 

Give yourself a month to month attire and adornments. You might press on to purchase a handful of value pieces or place some extremely fantastic deals to greatly improve the situation a thing around then. 

Don’t be stay far from fusing shade for your show up. Perhaps you have recognized yet an additional take a gander at individual wearing a pinkish outfit shirt?save the more quieted shades for association or the working environment. 

For those who have extensive legs or magnetic shoulder region, you will exhibit what you will be using. This procedure additionally support to redirect the eye clear of some of your physique that you will be not enamored with. 

They can let you know what varieties are slanting and additionally what inclinations are just over the latest patterns. You will just about dependably be generally ready due to this. 

As a rule work towards keeping outfits the highest point of fitting forethought to keep them looking for clean and new. Ponder handwashing unreasonable garments so they are absolutely not develop to be broken by the clothes washer or dryer. 

Provided that you utilize a skirt utilizing a testing or strong schedule, use it having a plain shirt. 

As i have said inside the introduction, it could be challenging to exploit the dress inside your dresser. While various outfits may be manufactured, great appears aren’t immediately the outcome. At the time you have to redesign your sort, utilize this article’s recommendations. 

Are you ready for fashion in this day and age?

Are you ready for fashion in this day and age?

To offer you dressed in life. When you are good to go, usually you feel more confident and self-assured. You’ll radiate confidence and personality traits that bring joy to the people around you, that will rub off on those around you.Read on to learn how to do that happen.

There are almost endless options available to you when choosing a hair accessory. Hair accessories are things like hair bows, headbands and ponytail holders, hair bows and hair extensions. Your wardrobe should have some stuff. When it will go, pick your clothes praise band.

Pump your mascara brush in and out of the container. This will cause the air to build up in your mascara container. It can promote the growth of bacteria in it. Move the brush holder as a safer alternative.

Wear a dark colored shirt and pants if you want to look slimmer. Dark colors can be flat body and playing down any lumps you will cause eye jewelry and accessories.

The old rule that you should not wear white after Labor Day has passed does not apply anymore. You can wear clothes of all different colors. If the color white is the most flatter you, pull it out of your wardrobe every time! No one will tell you anything to wear white.

This will make your body look more spacious and totally uninteresting. Instead, go for vertical stripes, which will attract higher than the thickness.

Stay away from clothing patterns to form your big of a larger body size. Great shape can be very unattractive and will emphasize your size.

Use a lip liner and blend the edges with a sponge applicator to get fuller lips. Apply gloss or petroleum jelly as a next step. Use an extra drop of lip gloss on top. You can accentuate your lips accentuated by choosing eye shadow colors that emphasize your type of lip color. Put a little eye shadow in the middle of your lips.

Understand what is good and bad parts of your body will look. If you are small, you have to find a softer material with the look of a built-in that helps to give your body a certain length. Busty woman can draw attention to different parts of the body. If you are pear shaped, wear light and dark colors on the bottom.

Do not let the comments of others get you dressed. Not everyone has to look like they live in Hollywood.

Think about the shape of your figure when choosing the clothes you wear. Low-cut blouse with perhaps not a good idea, but maybe you legs for miles.

You may want to hire a fashion consultant at the store occasionally. This will help you get involved with seasonal trends.

Fashion is a good idea to try on the item that you normally wear. It can take on something new in your fashion arsenal. This is a fantastic way to add variety to your fashion wardrobe.

Sell ​​or trade clothing to save money on fashion. Some will buy clothing or allow you to exchange them for other items on hand.

Spending time with a fashion consultant and find out what color you flat. Best color for you will depend on your skin tone, eye color and hair color.

Big bosomed women’s boat crew neck and neck to avoid. Try to v-neck instead. A V-neck can fill your body and appearance. Try it for yourself and you will probably find that difference.

Solid colors can help with weight issues. Dark colors can help you look smaller. If you are a small person, wearing bright colors to draw attention to your figure.

If you are a business traveler, fill your closet with clothes wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for a good idea. Although most hotels have ironing board, you do not need to waste time when you do not need ironing. You should automatically hang all your clothes when you get to the hotel room.

Many people will go out and buy a new piece for the budget fashion. You can show your appearance.Try on some different styles that you like to wear that makes you look great find.

One important thing to remember in fashion is to avoid excessive additional options you. Showcase one of the most important accessories such as a necklace or two quality accessories for the best view. To do so could put the focus on one part and make you look much more organized.

Whether your style is vintage or modern, thrift store discounts when you next look for fashion. You never know where a new favorite jeans or shirt may be a thrift store.

Do not let other people decide what you should wear. There is no such thing as style.Everyone right to choose what they want to follow. If someone tells you that you need to wear, do not be afraid to turn a deaf ear or a polite nod and do what you want.

Skinny jeans are fairly recent trend Jean. You do not need to dilute wear jeans. These jeans are attractive for a large variety of shapes and regardless of your figure as they flatten the body.

There are many magazines that you can get that will make sure that you know about the latest trends.

Do not ignore the importance of accessories and other small details if you need to see your best.When trip, wear nice luggage and not only keep about Ratty umbrella for when it rains.

Everyone knows that if you look and feel great, other people stand up and take notice. Anyone you see if they pass, will appreciate your efforts. To put a smile on people’s faces, the best dressed. As you can see from the suggestions above, there are many great ways you can get the clothing you need to do the right thing.

Are you looking for fashion tips? Start Here

Are you looking for fashion tips? Start Here

As a busy adult, you stop thinking about fashion, because you’re so busy thinking about work and your home life. You can renew a sense in fashion at any time, but it’s not too late! Following the tips in this article will help you style yourself.

A beautiful bag can brighten up any outfit, but make sure that they fit in with the other bags you need to take with you. Avoid carrying more than one bag at any time.

Black and white is a classic pair. You always see a lot of looks with this combination on the runway. There are almost limitless combinations you can wear with black and white.

There are many hair accessory options. Hair accessories are things like hair bows, headbands, but they also have hair extensions.You you the ability to create several options to enhance your hair. If it was a night of luxury in the city, choose sparkling barrette or clip good to go with your outfit.

Do not push your mascara wand.This just catch air in the container to build your mascara. This can increase the chances of bacteria. Move the brush holder as a safer alternative.

They are popular with women because they make them look taller and slimming effect. When you buy a wedged heels, make sure they are not too thick, as a challenge when trying to walk around in it!

Stay away from floral patterns as you overweight.Large form on clothes can make you look bigger.

Use a lip pencil followed by blending the edges with a sponge applicator for a more complete look lips.Use oil or lip gloss as you do to take it out of the bag to seal it in place. Use an extra drop of lip gloss on top and you will reach the sullen look popular. You can also try adding a bit of eye shadow. Only a few in the middle of each tab.

Let people around you know you need their clothes hand-me-downs. This is a great way to get fashionable clothes for free.

Do not style your hair with two different textures. You’ll look edgy, you are just going to look like if you do not know what style to wear.

You may want to hire an expert in fashion to go shopping. You may be so busy with the latest fashions if you have other priorities.

Pay attention to the clothes you buy are made. It is important to keep the ingredients on the label.

How do you style your hair reflects a lot about your appearance. It is important that your hairstyle reflects your lifestyle and image. For example, shoulder-length bob looks good on you if you are a career woman. If you are a mother who is a busy life, wash and wear styles may be a better choice.

Spending time with a fashion consultant to determine the color of your skin you.The flat color, eye color and hair color.

The problem with both men and women oil skin.Your hormone oily body to experience unbalanced when you stressed.If so, try to use some kind of relaxation technique to calm down.

Compensate for the additional weight of a solid color. Dark colors will make is that you visually throw your pounds.If small, and want to look bigger, try wearing white clothes look brighter and more for others.

If you are a business traveler, buying wrinkle-free clothes. While many hotel rooms have air conditioning, you can save more time by turning the iron if you do not need it. Do not forget to hang clothes like shirts and pretty neat.

Many people skimp when it comes to their glasses while trying to look chic. You can show your appearance.Try various styles and trends to see the image you want to portray fit.

Give yourself a monthly clothing and accessories. You can buy a lot of clothes with the budget as long as you shop smart.

Do not let anyone make you wear something different. Really no such animal is right or wrong style. Each person must come to their own decisions about what fashion in life. If someone tells you what you should wear, then politely tell them that you decide what you put on your body.

Dress in a way your personality. Many people try to pull of an unknown force just because it’s popular. No matter if your particular style is classic or grunge, you have some personality within you waiting to be unleashed.

You can find out from their talk that way by doing the following. It allows you to find all the time in the world of fashion.

Beware of fashion clothing to ensure they last. Hang your clothes as soon as you are done rinse them to reduce wear.

Making some changes to your wardrobe from time to time. You need to make serious changes, because it can cause bad transformation. You can try wearing new jewelry or a different approach shoes.There wearing everyday clothes that you can wear. You can also wear scarves to bracelets.

Always working on keeping the clothes look the best as long as possible. Consider hand washing your clothes so that they are not harmed in the washing machine or dry.

Make sure your item is more by paying extra attention to the care instructions.

Now that you have finished this article, your mind may be full of fashion ideas. Do not be distracted by your home life or your work. You deserve to look fashionable no matter what happens in your life.